sorrowfulsuicides said: happy 17th gorgeous😙

thanks beautiful! <3

yesterday-today-4ever said: *Claps 17 times* Happy birthday you gorgeous girl you! Hope you have, not only a splendid day but a splendid year. You're only young once so live like there's no no no no more, tomorrow!! Keep your head up and keep smiling :) Ps. Please tell me you did get the Taeyang reference

aww thank you! omg i read that no no no no more tomorrow part and was like… not sure if tryna make taeyang reference or… then i read the last part of your message haha ily taeyang!  HAHAHA 

thanks to everyone who has wished me happy birthday, you are all lovely people! 



Totoro. (by Moey Hoque)


I follow everyone back!

jangissings said: Hbd bb /presents u with taeyang in a box/

omg thanks bb, yay for taeyang heheheheh

ohi-itswilly said: happy birthdaay! :)

thank you!!! :)

experience-thebeyond said: wooow you're older than me. you are ancient. *claps another 5 times out of sympathy*. "and yes i should change it", she said as she continued to scroll down her dashboard, giving no fucks whatsoever about her tumblr description :P

wow, WOW DID U JUST CALL ME ANCIENT brb while i cri hahahah and ive changed it now g0sh

experience-thebeyond said: happy 12th birthday!!! *claps 12 times*. btw you might want to change your tumblr description :)

hahaha omfg pls can u not????? i want an extra 5 claps thanks hahah but thank you, and yes i should change it HAHA